Caco Peguero: Developer / Producer | Emily Russell: Designer / Developer | GirlBarf: Illustrator | Isaac Appiah: UI

Art Basil is an augmented reality scavenger hunt app that was featured at Allmost Gallery’s ArtBasil show 2017 and . Illustrations, by the artist GirlBarf, come to life in front of your eyes as you search your way through the gallery looking to find all of the hidden drawings.  Still Life sculptural pieces dot the gallery creating immersive moments where the physical and digital objects meet.

Utilizing the culturally understood structure of the scavenger hunt, the app became a successful introduction into augmented reality for a lot of people that night, as visitors engaged with the app and their surroundings with little to no instructions.

You can find the iOs version of the app here.
As well as the Google version of the app here.
Once you download the app test it out with the markers below on this page!

Left:AR-IRL still life. A series of white and grey objects with marker visible on the cinder blocks.
Center: Shirt with printed marker produced a 3d model of a horse.
Right: Users photographing marker through app.