AR Fashion Show


Caco Peguero: Creative Producer | Igal Nassima: Lead Developer | Meghan Nelson: Producer | James Cao: Unity Developer | Lindsay Freimond: Fashion Designer

VisionAR was an Augmented Reality Fashion Show put on during Fall Fashion week 2016. The app showcased pieces from a clothing line by Lindsey Freimond. Models walked out in choreographed stepped with room scale LED screen animations that served as the backdrop. Encircling each model were a series of brightly coloured AR animations. Each model was accompanied by a unique set of animations that would display details of each piece as it was showcased. A map would also accompany the articles of clothing, demonstrating where in New York City they could be purchased.

The stage was dressed with two room scale Augmented Reality Markers that triggered the animations once recognized by the app.

The app was shared with a conference room full eager AR first timers for XAD, a geo location marketing agency. The app showcased the possibility of creating a social location based augmented reality experience.

Left: The crowd going wild with their mobile devices.
Center: Map on the right showcases where the product can be purchased.
Right: Model walks out being surrounded by animated blocks.