Creative Consistency

2005 - Present

Animation | Audio | Modeling | Development |
Graphic Design | Web Design | VR | AR | Motion Graphics

Creative Consistency is my digital catalogue of audio visual experiments that I have been working on since 2005. Working in various softwares and techniques the aim is to produce digital works that highlight the presence and power of technology in our lives. A significant portion of the work revolves around modes of communication and the expectations that they bring, emotional validation through positive bots, and architectural interiors, since I got my Masters in Architecture.

The work is now presented on my social media platforms as a micro format content channel. You can find it on Instagram, Ello, and Tumblr.

Above:Alt PSA ( Positive Service Announcement )
Right: Can my room just be a little like?
Far Right: Oculus sponsored Mountain Dew house party (none of this really happened...yet!)