Caco Peguero: Creative Producer | Daffy London: Director / Host | Neha Amin: Creative Consultant | Emalee Arroyo: Broker | Marcos Najera: Broker | Helena Masand: Broker | Ken Perlin: Head of Technology | Connor DeFanti: Developer | Wenbo Lan: Developer | Zhenyi He: Developer | Fengyuan Zhu: Spectator View AR | Terrence Masson: Host / Liason | Meghan Welles: Experience Producer | Igal Nassima: Technical Producer

A Pink Robot VR Dance Party, Directed by Daffy London! The piece debuted at the VR Village in Siggraph 2017. The project built on the social VR work that was developed at Ken Perlin’s Lab at NYU.

You play as a pink robot with its own set of features and personality. The experience is a variety show of sorts. With scenes switching periodically, presenting you with a new environment, challenge, and music to set the mood, you engage with all of the other robots in the space. Four individuals were able to embody the pink robots at a time.

The piece was built using Vive trackers mounted onto a set of Gear VRs. The lack of cords and wires allowed for users to move around freely within the space.

The project is currently under development. Stay posted to keep up to date!

Left: Model walks out being surrounded by animated blocks.
Above: The crowd going wild with their mobile devices.
Right Map on the right showcases where the product can be purchased.