Killing Reagan


Caco Peguero: Creative Producer / Lead Creative |
Michael Chin: Producer | Igal Nassima: Lead Engineer |
Anders Sandell
: Producer

The app unpacks the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan’s life of March 30 1981 through an Augmented Reality Narrative Exploration. The user is the camera as they watch the scenes unfold on a dollar bill. The app was a part of the marketing campaign for National Geographic's film of the same name.

The user is taken through a series of scenes that appear in a dollar bill. The ubiquity of the dollar bill allowed for the app to be deployed anywhere. Adding a level of approachability to the augmented reality. All you had to do was point your phone’s camera at a dollar!. Each scene present a series of narrative points that the user can dig deeper by interacting with 

The app served as a marketing piece for the National Geographic film of the same name "Killing Reagan".

Left: Model walks out being surrounded by animated blocks.
Center: The crowd going wild with their mobile devices.
Right Map on the right showcases where the product can be purchased.