Caco Peguero: Designer / Developer |
Emily Russell: Designer / Developer

Pixel43770 is a project jointly created by Michael 'Caco' Peguero and Emily Russell. The hum you hear coming from your computer is actually the soundscape of a thriving digital city.Pixel43770 is a virtual storybook, that invites the user to explore and navigate a digital city in an effort to get a dislodged pixel home. Using the power of the immersive virtual architecture as a way to pull the story along, the user is invited to literally explore the landscape of a computer desktop. The storybook aims to  create a sense of wonder that one might find when exploring a foreign city for the first time.

Due to it's low barrier to entry, Google Cardboard was selected as to achieve maximum distribution.

The project initially took advantage of Google Street View equirectangular projection tool. PIXEL43770 is currently being ported to the GearVR.

Left: Model walks out being surrounded by animated blocks.
Middle: The crowd going wild with their mobile devices.
Right Map on the right showcases where the product can be purchased.
Below: Cover Art for PIXEL43770 main screen.